No remote playback on iPhone Xs


I just tried remote playback after updating my DVR to the most recent version, and was able to watch a couple minutes, no stuttering even on 1080i channels now. Seems to be good!!


Working on the iOS beta with hardware transcoding, but I still have the same behaviour with software transcoding. DVR version is 2018.10.08.2134.


ok, yes, I’m seeing this working for Channels iOS Beta now. However, the Channels DVR app for iOS is not. Assuming those changes haven’t been rolled into that one?


Beta worked once yesterday "away from home" today not working at all. Just says request timed out.


It seems your router is not port forwarding reliably. If you try to access you will see it's not working at all.

I would recommend setting the DVR remote access to Manual and setting a static dhcp and port forward rule on your router.