No sound on channel until I turn closed captioning on

This has been happening for a while, but I just finally got around to understanding the full scenario.

When I tune to the Reelz Channel (692) it will always have no sound. I have to go up and select track 1 of closed captioning and then the sound starts. I can turn it off and the sound continues. If I leave the channel and come back, I have to redo it. This issues does not happen on theHDHR software.

I just submitted diagnostics after this happened at 1:16pm here. Channel 692 - Reelz on Verizon Fios

Would like to see this fixed as it's a real pain.

Does it happen with recordings from that channel?

I just tested a program... I tuned in and no sound... hit record.... and the recording had sound.

Same issue on Tivo stream 4K. CC are not sticky on any channel when tune to the channel previously CC turned off.
Please make a global setting to turn on/off CC.

I thought this was an error, so I decided to try using the global option (Settings > Device Preferences > Accessibility > Captions > Display Captions from the Android TV home screen), and was surprised that Channels indeed does not automatically activate CCs when this setting is enabled. (I'll have to check on a Fire Stick to see if it works there.)

I believe is is a bug: Channels should honor the system's caption display settings; if they are enabled in the system, Channels should default to displaying them.

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Please email us the recording you made

This is not the same issue. My issue has to do with audio. Please make a separate thread.

I'll have to make a new one and send it.



What happens if you uncheck and recheck the audio track. Does that also make it start playing?

I just tried it and checking it off and then back on caused the audio to play also.