"No Tuner Found" when streaming quality set to "Original"

I have set up a couple of M3U playlists as sources, all pointing to HDHR streams as shown below. They all play fine at original quality, home streaming, on Fire TV 4K sticks, iOS and tvOS, but one of them -just one- gives me a Tuner not Found on iOS and tvOS devices (not in Fire TV). If I set the playback quality at anything but original, it plays the transcoded file with no issue (so it finds the tuner). No activity shown in the log when trying to play the problematic file from iOS or tvOS. Logs submitted.

#EXTINF:-1 channel-id="tenishd" channel-number="8888",TENISHD

UPDATE: Deleting and recreating the M3U playlist with a totally different name, station id, channel id and channel number solved the issue. There was probably some cached information confusing the dvr engine... Funny it only affected iOS devices, not Fire TV or web player.

Might be related to the name of the M3U source. There's a fix on TestFlight for streaming from M3U sources with special characters in their names

I'm experiencing a similar problem today with tvOS and iOS devices with an m3u I use for local news streams. All the streams are standard HLS. Transcoding allowed the streams to play but whatever the player says "Tuner Not Available" when I try to play Original quality on my local network.

The issue went away when I made a new tuner that wasn't mapped to any guide data. I originally had the tuner mapped to the Pluto docker XMLTV file because Pluto has better guide data for CBSN channels.

Please try the latest TestFlight and submit diagnostics if still not working there.