No tv channels loading!

Hi, we are having a problem loading tv channels. Movies work fine. Please help!

Please go to Help -> Send Diagnostics Logs from the DVR so we can see what's going on and let us know when it's done.

Hi, we don't have a DVR, its an apple tv.

He means the Channels DVR server.
U need to have the server software installed on a supported device.
Then u use a client device and Channels App, like on a Apple TV etc, to connect to it.
The server is where u setup your tuner sources, like a HDHR, or TVE sources.

Channels app it self is not a web streaming app.
It does not provide any streaming tv channels by it self, like apps like Philo, or Fubo etc.

Also, I am not sure what u mean my "Movies work fine" since u have to have the server software installed and a directory setup in it to import local media files. This is a pre-alpha feature though.