No video for OTA channels on Android devices

Using the latest beta client v2022.11.19.0828, no video only sound on OTA channels on plain Android clients (phone, tablet, Android Sub/system on PC). No video problems with TVE or recorded material using the beta. Also beta works fine on my FireTV and Chromecast Google TV devices. Submitted diagnostics from my Android Sub/system on the PC.

Probably has something to do with mpeg2 try software decoder if available.

Yes, that makes it work fine. Thanks.

Thanks, I assume it was working before that beta?

I can revert the change from last night that might have broken it.

I don't believe it was working even before the very last beta change, but it does work on the recent released version.

FIXED: Video decoding issue in last build

Updated to latest beta, still not working with hardware decoding selected.

On Windows Subsystem I think it only works with Hybrid. Did you try on your TV?

Yes, it works fine in Hybrid mode on my phone, tablet, and android subsystem. And Hardware mode is still working fine on my TV using Firestick Max and Chromecast Google TV using the new beta. I have never used Hybrid mode before, but it seems to work fine.