No Watch Now on Windows 10?

Again with Windows 10, if I search for something and it happens to be "on now", there is no "watch now" option, just record, am I missing something?

Since there’s no Windows client, does this mean your using the web browser interface? If so, are you clicking from the guide?

No, in Chrome, if I go to Search, and I search for something that turns out is on at the moment, my only option is to record, not watch. See attachment, Today show is on, but from here I can't watch it, and it doesn't even indicate that it's on.

I mentioned this in another thread, but the same explanation is valid here.

The Channels DVR Server web admin in your browser is more of an admin tool and less of a Channels experience. Features won't match up 1:1 to our streaming apps, which is where all of the user experience work is prioritized.

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