No way to browse all recordings

After installing Channels on my various devices, I have noticed that there is no good way to browse all recordings on the Android apps. This includes the Shield TV app, as well as the mobile app on my Google Pixel. Under the Recordings tab, it has options for "Up Next", "Recently Recorded", and "Kids", but none of those give a complete, sorted view of all recordings.

By comparison, the browser-based app on my PC has an option to select "All" shows, and sort them by recency, name, or year. Within each show, the episodes can be sorted either by Record Date or Air Date. This is perfect and is exactly what I was looking for.

Am I missing something in the Android apps that allows the view of "All" recordings? If not, is that something that could be added just like what we have on the browser app?

Navigate to the right blank title and it will bring up more

I'm not sure what you mean?

Say you are at recent tv, navigate to the bottom right. There should be a blank box where normally a picture of a show will be. If you go there it will say more and select that

The problem is that will still group recordings by Series. The web UI has the generic Recordings section (below Shows and Movies) on the Recordings page that presents all recordings in a single list, without being grouped. It is this implementation that I believe the OP was requesting.

Unfortunately, such a view is not present on the clients, only the web UI. However, the developers have indicated that the current views offered in the clients are limiting, especially for users with a large number of recordings. They have also indicated that they are working on ways to improve the views across all of the clients.

So, presently, the only option is to browse through the web UI, or just wait until the developers are ready.

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Yeah, you correctly described what I am referring to. It is possible to find everything in the "Up Next" section, but shows can't be sorted and they are difficult to browse, especially when there are a large number of programs recorded and/or a large number of episodes per show. The web UI, on the other hand, allows sorting of shows, and sorting within each show as well. Both of those features are missing on the Android clients.

A view that lists all recordings by recording date is coming to the app soon (tvOS/iOS). We understand.

It’s important not to compare the web admin to the Channels apps. It’s designed specifically as a management tool and has a LOT of things. The app, on the other hand, is designed to be a smoother streamlined experience as not to overwhelm.

The Channels app will never be a 1:1 copy of the web admin.

That's great! Do you think there might be one coming for Android, too?

I'm glad to hear that you are working on an additional view. I hope it is more than just sorting by recording date though. I completely understand the differences in functionality between the web app and the app on other devices, but I think a comprehensive view of recordings should be present on all devices.

Maybe I have been spoiled by my Dish Hopper DVR, but my opinion is there should be a list of programs (grouped by series) in alphabetical order. Then, within that, the individual episodes can be sorted by either the recording date or the first air date. That is exactly what the web app does, and I think that view makes sense, even in a streamlined app.

I appreciate your responsiveness and will look forward to future improvements in being able to browse my recordings!

Clcicking More in Recently Recorded is basically that. It’s built this way so we can show your most recent shows based on recording date while letting you explore all your shows.

Just jump into them all via the More button.

I disagree. It is not the same thing.

Using my Shield TV as an example, the only way I can find all recordings is under the "Up Next" section. It is possible to go to the bottom right corner of "Up Next" and click to expand to show all recordings, but they are not in any particular order. I assume there is some algorithm for ordering "Up Next", but it not meaningful to me. Trying to scan through a library of hundreds of different programs/movies or more becomes problematic when they are not sorted in alphabetical order.

In addition to that, clicking the "More" button does list the additional recordings, but it does not give me any ability to sort by original air date and doesn't give me any information whatsoever about those recordings without clicking individually on each one to bring up the description. If I have a series with many episodes, which were recorded out of order (which is not uncommon), it is difficult to navigate when all I want to do is watch them in order of original air date.

I understand having the Recently recorded section and keeping that simple, but I just don't get the purpose of Up Next and would like to be able to browse recordings alphabetically, and by original air date. None of that is possible with the current non-web UI.

Did you try clicking the bottom right corner of Recently Recorded instead? You can sort all your recorded shows alphabetically in there.

Technically this is what Up Next does for you. If you watch an episode, it will then recommend the next episode to watch from that show in order of season/episode number or original air date.

Up Next are recordings/episdoes

Recently Recorded are Shows

There is nothing to click under Recently Recorded. See the attached photo. I can't go past Gold Rush: Alaska.

It should appear once you record more than 10 shows.

I have 15 distinct shows on the DVR right now and it still isn't there.

That is weird I have it on mine ....

Strange. I see 9 shows + 3 kids shows in your screenshot. It's possible there's a bug here when you have a small library. Can you screenshot the web UI on http://x:8089/admin/recordings/shows/all

Are there any plans to harmonize the app layouts between Apple TV and Android TV? It definitely confused my wife navigating the Android menu which is off to the left side and has different menu options vs the Apple TV where it’s at the top and a bit more straightforward.

If you plan on sticking with the Up Next and Recently Recorded, I would recommend that you at least add some wording to the blank "More" tile. Unless you mouse over it, it is not very user friendly to understand it's function. Something as simple as this...


Still not ideal, but at least it would make it easy for new users to understand what that tile is for.

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