Non-Docker source for PlutoTV and Stirr m3u playlists and EPG

True --- As long as those links are active :wink:

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The new Stirr link didn't get all the guide info, but Pluto links seem perfect.

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I don't plan on taking them down, although the Stirr links may change to be more friendly like the Pluto links are.

I may move them to a different server or possible a new domain name if they become popular. was just an unused domain name I had sitting around. I am considering getting a dedicated domain also. I'm open to suggestions.

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Are you comparing it to your local Docker instance? The difference may be the STATION-ID -- my links only use the 'national' station ID. Look on your Stirr Docker page to see what station id you are using there.

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I downloaded the epg link to a file and linked the Channels Stirr source to that file. Today I just added directly and it loaded more info.

From what I've seen, the Stirr EPG changes constantly.


It was late last night when I did that.

Ok, both Pluto and Stirr links are available from the home page:

I'm pretty sure I'm going to get a new domain and move things there, but I'll announce that here and make sure that both are available during any transfer.


Ok everyone, I've bought a new domain and moved everything over to this new domain:

Where we're going, we don't need 'cords'.

Please update all your links in Channels Admin page to these links. This domain will be the permanent home for this project as long as I am able to maintain it (the foreseeable future).

I'll keep the old links available for the next month or so so people have time to move them over.

I also updated the thread title and first post to add the info for Stirr.

note: If the new domain doesn't work for you, give it some time for the DNS to propagate.


Thank you @HankLloydRight! I can finally turn off my Raspberry Pi which has only been running these Docker containers for months.

@matthuisman has also released a Samsung TVPlus for Channels Docker container. I hope I am not asking for too much...would you be able add this container to your project?

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Yes, I can absolutely add that to the project, but I looked at his code, and as far as I can tell, the only thing his code does is query his own links from and spit them back out of Docker unchanged. So really, it's adding a middleman to the process -- you could just use these directly and skip Docker altogether.

And here's the code to demonstrate:

def _playlist(self): self._proxy(f'{REGION}.m3u8')
def _epg(self): self._proxy(f'{REGION}.xml')

If anyone knows the code and can explain otherwise, please do. But IMHO the SamsungTV Docker is overkill, just use the direct links.


Please be sure to report back if you have any problems/issues. I don't think these links should cause any problems.

Thank you for your work
I tried with stirr and it seems to be working ok,
but on TV guide images (thumbnails) for current program do not show up

@ HankLloydRight
Yes, that's right.

Simpler to use the urls directly.
It was basically a "test" for me doing my first Channels docker image.

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Gotcha, thanks for the explanation!

If you switch back to Docker, whatโ€™s the result?

Just tested over last 24hrs and can confirm that for the moment the Pass recording option is still not working
Only Recording from EPG is working...

Does anyone have a solution/workaround?


Depends on what you want to do, but that question belongs in the Advanced Pass area.
Pluto doesn't have good info in the EPG to work like other sources OTA/Cable/TVE/Locast.
No Seasons or Episodes, lack of Tags like New, crazy Genres, etc.

Thatโ€™s what I thought...
Weird that even using a match on a title does not create recurring recording events...
Maybe I am doing something wrong...
I will continue to experiment with the advanced pass settings ...

That's because to Channels DVR every airing looks the same.
Same (supposed to be unique) program id, same description.
So after recording one airing, Channels DVR thinks all the rest are the same episode and it only records an episode once. Movies work better on Pluto.