Noob questions about setup on apple tv


Hi, I am looking into ditching my Tivos and would like to ask some basic questions before I do. I found some answers online but I would like to hear from people who use this service.

  1. I would like to use an old mac mini from 2011 with an intel processor. Can I use that? I don't know if it has quick sync on it. Do I need at least a 7200 rpm hd?

  2. I read in other threads that you can use the silicon dust Premium TV service and it will be added into the channel line up. How well does this work? Does this mean I just purchase the tv service from Silicon Dust and then the DVR service from Channels?

thank you for taking the time to answer my noob questions.


Yes the mini will work great.

Premium TV subscription is via SiliconDust, and it works with our DVR. So yes you would subscribe with them for the extra channels and with us for the DVR. Their channels show up as two minute demos to try out, and they're also offering a month free trial now.


I have been using an old Mac mini since the beginning of the DVR service with no problems. Using a 5400 2 TB external HD. Streaming to three AppleTV's and two fire TV's with no problems


I am using a 2011 Mini with a 4 TB external drive going to 3 Apple TVs, works great!