Not able to search or set up recordings any more

I've used Channels/DVR for many years, love it. However, something has changed - I now have Channels 4.2.0 on an AppleTV 4. The menu system has changed, for the better, I think - I can now hide channels directly instead of the long click-fest to disable it. Etc.

However, I cannot figure out how to record anything new, and "search" is also not helpful.

Recording - I used to record using different methods. One was to "search" for something, then click-click - add a new Series Pass and that was done. Another method was to try to watch a program that had not yet started and I was offered to record it and/or create a Series Pass. Lastly, a "long click" on a program in progress would offer the same. None of those work for me now.

Search - I used to be able to go to Search to find things to record. Now, I can use Search, but it only seems to find things that I have already recorded. Since I cannot find anything to record, I cannot record anything.

I'm hoping this is stupidity on my part, however, I really don't recall changing any configuration other than hiding/favoriting various channels. I did look through the forums but could not find anything that looked like the program that I am having.

It sounds like your guide data is missing.

Please submit diagnostics from your Channels DVR Server web admin by using the Support tab.

You might want to visit the guide data section in settings and try to refresh your guide data.

I'll submit the diags, however, the Guide tab is showing programming, as does Up Next and On Now.

That guide data may be coming directly from your HDhomerun

It seems like there are two sets of data then, I can see, for example, "JAG" in the Guide, etc., but Search does not find it. I hope the diags I submitted

Is there a way I can force a "reload" of the data?

On the dvr web UI on your Mac, you need to enter your zip code under your HDHR to setup guide data.

I updated the zipcode on the server, but the search and record features I described in the OP are still not available. I guess I'll wait until after 5am in the morning for the auto refresh. I'm still puzzled, though - I can see the "missing" features being wrong when provided with incorrect guide data, but I cannot even get to the record or series pass features.

If you can’t get recording options in the Apple TV app, it’s because guide data is not loading from Channels DVR Server. Instead, you’re seeing guide data that is provided directly from the HDHomeRun tv tuner.

You need guide data from Channels DVR Server to have the right info for recording options to show up.

Do you see your recordings in the client app?

Please submit diagnostics from the app as well.

So that, again(!), was the problem, had to wait for the 5am refresh. This happens to me every time I move. Thanks for the prompt support!

Next time that happens, Delete and Recreate the Guide database.
It won't mess with your passes or recordings, it just loads a fresh copy of the guide.
Screenshot_2020-10-31 Channels DVR


I'm fairly well perplexed by this and I probably should not have posted this until after 6 am tomorrow (giving the update an hour to run starting at 5am) ... The fixes for the original post worked - entering the zip code and letting the 5am update run, and I was getting recordings, etc.

The problem started after I added another HD Homerun, same model as my first one, configured it properly (I think) - added the correct zip code on the DVR, then deleted and recreated the database earlier today. The database was recreated, I restarted the app on the AppleTV 4, it all comes up. I had scanned for channels on both HDHRs (oddly, they came up with different numbers of channels, and the app on the AppleTV 4 reports different numbers than on the DVR).

The problem I first reported persists - I cannot record programs directly from the Guide and Search does not find anything. I've submitted the diags from the app on the AppleTV 4.

Also, I submitted diags from the iPhone app - it sees the channels but does not see any program data.

It looks like you have a second dvr on your laptop and some of your devices are connected to that dvr. You can run the installer again and select uninstall on your laptop.

Or click the channels DVR logo in the app on the Settings tab and enter the IP of the correct dvr. You can compare the IPs shown in the app that works and doesn't

This response is a running log of what I did this morning, starting out with the "system" not working, ending up with it working. The new step I took was to reboot the DVR server, however I do not believe there was a second DVR process running, just "ffprobe", see below.

I'm running the DVR on a mac-mini, IP I ran "ps -aef | grep channel" and found the "channels-dvr" and "ffprobe" programs running, one copy each. The app on the AppleTV 4 shows "Connected:". The app on my iPhone shows the same.

I searched for "channel" on my laptop, its not running there, just on the mac-mini, and apparently just one instance.

I did as suggested and clicked on the logo and reconnected it to the xxx.8 address, still the same issues. Did the same on the iPhone - I might not have been clear, I am seeing the same symptoms on the iPhone as on the AppleTV 4. I connected directly to the DVR server and try searching from there, nothing appears.

I rebooted the DVR server, ran the ps command, this time there is no ffprobe program running. I restarted the AppleTV 4, now everything works. I submitted diags from the AppleTV 4 in case a comparison would help, however, it seems the problem was between the keyboard and chair, but I'm not sure what I did wrong.


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