Not able to update to latest pre-release

I've been stuck on Version 2021.11.23.2219. Click and hold the "Check for update" and "Check for Pre-Release" both result in an "Up to date!" message. I think we should be up to v2021.11.29.1800

I got stuck like this once and found a way to force it to upgrade :

curl -XPUT http://localhost:8089/updater/check/prerelease

Of course this assumes running the command from same server (otherwise change localhost to ip of dvr server) says version: "2021.11.23.2219"

did not even look, yes that seems to be most recent version already. The curl command did work when I actually was prevented from updating (whatever the reason was at the time).

Looks like I jumped the gun, thank you both for the quick assist!

Should work now

Confirmed, it is working. Thanks!

For about 3 weeks I've been having an issue with upgrading to the most recent Pre-release. When I click update, it acts like it's downloading and updating, but the arrows just spin. I end up having to reboot the PC to get the update to complete. After the reboot, the latest version is what shows as current. I'm not experiencing any other issues. Prior to 3 weeks ago the updates ran without incident and without having to reboot the PC. Could this be a Windows 10 bug? Thanks for your help.

I've seen it happen where it's already updated but the browser page doesn't auto-refresh to show it.
Refresh the browser page (or look at the DVR log to see if it completed).
The message shown on your screenshot means it's busy doing something (recording, comskipping, streaming, updating guide, importing, etc) and will finish the uprade when it becomes idle.

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