Not possible to edit the episode title of a sports event?

The past few times that I posted an issue I was having, it was my own fault.
In this case, I'm not so sure.

This is an edited video (saved as an MKV file) of the Super Bowl recording from yesterday (I trimmed the beginning and the end to remove paddings):

I wanted to change the title of it in the metadata so I did this:

It looks like the library page is not showing the event title but the episode title that can be seen in the file details:

So the event title was saved but is not being shown on the library page (episode list).

What can be done at this point so that I can see the event title that I edited?
Or how can I edit the episode title so that it can be shown nicely on the library page?

Anything I'm doing wrong?

It appears that it's using the Episode Title since it's there, which is rare and usually never a thing for anything categorized as a Sports event. So yeah, this is very edge case bug.

I would expect this isn't the case in the client though. Have you looked there?

No, I haven't looked in the client.

Just checked now on my Android phone and you are correct:

As long as it is displayed correctly on the client, I'm fine with it.

Thank you for your prompt reply.