Not recording


I have set up channels with my Netgear ReadyNAS ant 4 TB HD. It seemed to record a few programs I set with season pass but I left town recently with my laptop (readyNAS still in place) and came back to no recordings. Does the computer have to be on 24/7 to record? I assumed from the setup that it went through the NAS and not the computer.

2019/02/07 23:12:07 [ERR] Could not create backup: stat /Volumes/Videos: no such file or directory
2019/02/08 05:06:37 [DVR] Waiting 5h23m22.480822s until next job 1549643400-2 Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
2019/02/08 05:42:16 [ERR] Could not create backup: stat /Volumes/Videos: no such file or directory


If the DVR record engine is installed on your computer, then, yes: The computer has to be on 24x7.

Waitaminute... did you possibly install the Channels DVR on your laptop, telling it to use the ReadyNAS for storage, then leave with the laptop?


Indeed it looks like the DVR is installed on your MacBook Pro. You would need to uninstall and install it directly on your NAS instead.


That is indeed the problem. I tried to follow instructions to install here...

Unfortunately, the ReadyNAS system is "ReadyCloud" and doesn't have an option there to install an App, as shown in the tutorial above. Has anyone else run into this issue?


I figured it out with ReadyNAS customer support.


Great, glad you figured it out. Can you let us know what the trick is? We can update our docs so its easier for the next person.