NUC 10i3

I just finished getting my new 10th gen NUC10i3 setup and installed the Channels DVR server on it.

I'm surprised to see in the settings that there is no option for hardware transcoding. Surely a 10th gen i3 has hardware transcoding built-in.

I created a user account just for the channels dvr, "chandvr", and added it to the render and video groups like the instructions say. Am I missing something else?

EDIT: OS is Debian Bullseye (the "testing" release)

Did you install channels dvr as a service ?

Oh maybe you are not using Windows 10. I was assuming you were using Windows 10.

The 10th-gen requires a new transcoding driver that we don't support yet. I have one of those NUCs sitting in my office as well and adding support is on my todo list.

OK. So it's not me, it's you. :slight_smile:

No biggie. I almost never need the DVR server to transcode, and on that rare occasion I'm sure the processor is more than up to the task to do it in software.

FYI... Switched my Channels DVR over to the NUC this morning. Moved over the recordings, passes, etc. Seems to be working great. Nothing beats the responsiveness of having the recordings on a SATA drive.