Nvidia recording very delayed

I've had Channels for several years and love it. In the last year I've noticed that my recordings are so far off. I have them all set to record 15 minutes early and yet I am still missing about 5 minutes at the beginning of the shows. I am not tech savvy, but hope to find an answer since I rarely watch live television. Thanks in advance.

Usually means the clock on your DVR PC is not in sync. You can fix it in the windows settings

Your Ttitle says Nvidia recording, not much to go on.
Best if you provide more information.
What device are you running Channels DVR Server on, Is it's clock correct, Is the Time Zone Setting correct on the device and in Channels DVR, What version of Channels DVR are you running, etc.

My television is on an antenna. I checked the TV clock and it is correct. The Nvidia home screen, this is where all the apps are located, clock is correct. I'm connected to WiFi when using the Nvidia device.

Channels Plus, Channels DVR 4.0.1
Under Sources it says HDHomeRun Quatro 1070A6F0 via DVR
I don't know where I find the time setting for Channels. I watched the guide on Channels and it changed at the exact time as my phone so that seems to be correct. The time on my television and the Nvidia device is correct.

Your DVR is installed on a HP PC so that's where you need to check the clock

I guess I don't quite understand the DVR, I didn't realize it has anything to do with my PC. I checked the clock on my PC and it's accurate as well. I just thought Channels was an app like others and my Nvidia box that is connected to my television was what allows me to have all these apps. Wish I understood more. Thanks for the suggestions.