Nvidia sheild questiion

hey guys, so I am new to the channels dvr but I have been using the hdhomerun prime for a while. So at the moment I have the channels dvr running on my mycloud nas, but I would actually like to run it on my shield. How can I go about transferring it over. When I first downloaded the app on my sheild it did not allow me to setup the shield as the server. The other issue is that with the channels dvr on my nas, the shield or even my phone dont have any guide info. ll it shows is the name of the channel. Is there a way I can fix that or is the nas not capable of showing the guide?

There is a separate app "Channels DVR Server" on the play store you need to download and run on your SHIELD.

Does the dvr web UI on your NAS show guide data?

Channels dvr is the app that i downloaded, the other app is $24.99. On the web ui it does show the guide info.

You downloaded the client there is a separate server app

Yep, i see now. I will try to set it up that way and report back. Thanks for your help.