Nvidia Shield 5.1 Audio

In channels app enable surround sound
In shield device preferences>display and sound >advanced sound settings> Dolby audio processing. Turn Dolby processing off (circle to the left grey) should get you dd. If you enable this you should get Dolby digital plus. Does the Sonos support Dolby digital plus? If not you can force the shield to send dd by enabling processing then under available formats >manual select to use choose ac3 (dd)

Don’t have a Dolby Processing option. Sonos doesn’t officially support Dolby Digital Plus but you normally get sound if it is used. I’ve tried setting the format option to manual and using plus on and off and neither changes anything. Using off, auto or manual doesn’t give me surround sound from the Channels app.

Weird. Here it is on my 2019 shield pro. May be they don’t have that option on the tube. Do you have the tube?

One tube and one non tube. I’ll check the tube and see if that has the option.

Ok, tube Shield has Dolby Processing option, but off or on, I still don’t get 5.1 from Channels app.

Tried it off and on, also tried auto formats and manual formats with Dolby Digital Plus on and off, neither gives me 5.1.