Nvidia Shield 5.1 Audio

Hi. Does 5.1 audio work with Channels DVR on android tv? Seeing conflicting reports online but looks like it should work.

Channel is in 5.1, surround sound is on in the settings, every other app plays in 5.1 except Channels DVR. Anything else I need to enable to get 5.1 audio? Thanks.

Both 2017 and 2019 versions of the shield I have play 5.1 audio. Which shield do you have and what does your avr report, pcm,DD?

What is your source and is it 5.1? Does it play in 5.1 on the official HDHR app?

2019 Shield. Source was BBC One HD with a movie in 5.1. Played 5.1 in Kodi using the HDHR plug in so source was defiantly in 5.1

I have 2 nvidia Shields on 2 different TVs and neither of them play 5.1 with channels but do with everything else.

Thanks for the replies.

Just tried the HDHR app and it plays every channel in 5.1, even if it’s not even a 5.1 source. Must be doing some sort of upmix.

Check your Shield audio settings. There is an option to upmix all audio.

Upmix isn’t enabled in settings, but even if I do, I still don’t get any 5.1 from channels app. Must be a setting if others are getting 5.1 but I’ve tried all the relevant settings and nothing seems to work. I’d blame the tv or receiver but it’s doing it on 2 different TVs. A Philips and an LG CX.

Submit diagnostics from Channels app after attempting playback and I can see how many channels of audio are being sent to the OS

Done. Was playing BBC Two HD which was in 5.1.


It does show we are sending all six channels..

In the US we use AC3 passthrough.

In the UK it's AAC so we send each channel out as LPCM. Maybe that's not working as expected on the shield?

Ah so maybe it’s people in the US that it’s working for. Anyone in the UK got 5.1 working with the Channels app?

Anything I can try to get it working?


How are you verifying that it's getting 5.1?

That the channel is 5.1? If I use Kodi or HDHR app on the same channel, it’s 5.1. Plex and other apps play everything in 5.1 fine, so I think the settings on the shield and receiver are correct.

Also if I show stats on the channel, it’s showing 6 channels, but receiver only shows PCM stereo.

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Okay so you're looking at the receiver? What kind of receiver is it? Does it say stereo or just LPCM? LPCM can be surround too.

Just trying to figure out what you're hearing and seeing on the receiver with Channels app.

Sonos, Sonos app says what it’s receiving. When I use any other app and the source is 5.1, it says Dolby Digital 5.1 but with channels it says Stereo PCM.

How is the sonos hooked up to the TV/shield?

HDMI using ARC

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Actually, HDMI with ARC from the TV in one room and optical from the TV using pass through in the other room.

Optical does Not carry a LPCM 5.1 it simply doesn’t have the bandwidth and will only do stereo LPCM. Optical can do DD5.1

So is it never going to work from the Channels app? Just that it works from the other apps, are they transcoding it into DD?