Nvidia Shield as DVR server?


When troubleshooting any situation with a bad/spotty picture quality, I think removing as many variables from the situation as possible is the best first step. If you have something between your aerial and the tuner, the best first step is to probably remove anything superfluous and try a direct connection.

Once you have removed all unnecessary steps/parts in the line (including additional network hardware, such as additional switches or wireless APs), then slowly add back in one device/step back into your setup and test again. Wash, rinse, repeat, until you find which added step caused the problem.



So i removed the 6 way amp, and signal strength went below 100%, reconnected the amp again but only the 1 feed out from it to the HDHR, so all the other cables removed.

There are no other factors in between the connection.

Both HDHR and Shield plugged into the router.

No home plugs or WiFi connection


It's fine if the strength drops below 100%—I've had a perfect picture with only 80% signal strength or lower; more important is the signal quality. Also, it may not be necessary, but if you have unused ports on your amp left open, they should be capped. (Again, not necessary, just best practice.)

As far as network, are you saying that your tuner and the Shield are plugged into the same switch, both with ethernet?


Please submit diagnostics from the app in the Player settings tab after playback buffering issues happen


It’s actually working okay again now..

Signal strength is a lot lower but it’s playing fine at the moment.. pull my hair out with this. Works fine sometimes, terribly at others and I’m not sure why.


I have the Shield TV 2015 model with a Samsung EVO 1TB SSD mounted as internal, connected to 2 HDHomeRun Primes via wire, no WiFi. I have had the DVR backend running on it ever since Channels announced the beta version (I think). There is nothing special or enhanced with my system. The Primes I have had for years and were connected to Windows 7 Media Center which worked well. I am currently running Plex server on my Windows 10 machine, not on the Shield. I have not really had any major problems with the operation as you are having. I had some minor glitches when I first started, but they have always been resolved quickly. I am sorry I can't be of more help, but the guys here will go above and beyond to help.


Just an update, moved my tv aerial inside my loft and angled correctly, it was 30degrees out.

Tuned it in using an LG TV with freeview tuner and all channels working perfectly.

Connected the aerial back up to my distribution amplifier/splitter and HDHR. Problems again re-introduced themselves with several channels not working with even less working when connected without the amp.

So have now moved my HDHR into the loft plugged directly into the aerial and connected to router via homeplug.

Have now had several error free days which has made me enjoy the experience a lot more and less grief from the wife telling me to just get rid of this new gadget!