Nvidia Shield as DVR server?


I have currently got a couple of firesticks I use to view running channels dvr on my WD My cloud home NAS.

However the NAS isn’t very powerful and I’m wandering if it’s a better idea to get a shield as a server as I need an extra firestick on one of my TVs so would kill two birds with one stone?


Yes the Shield will be much more powerful than the MyCloud Home


I haven’t found any YouTube reviews sadly


I used the Shield as my DVR for about 4 months. I never had any issues with it and if you use the Comskip function to process your recordings I found it to be very fast. Out of network viewing was also very easy as well. I never had any issues.


I have been using the Shield as my DVR since February of 2018, and it has done an excellent job for me. I have a 1TB SSD mounted drive and 2 HDHomeRun Primes attached. There have been times when 6 shows have been recording and I would be watching a recording at the same time without any glitches. Very happy with the setup and performance.


That’s really good to know.

I have ordered one to test!


Received and set up, playback is pretty awful though on the Shield, constantly buffering every couple of seconds


Do you have it hardwired or using WiFi or something like MoCA?




What are you playing and where? Live TV on the SHIELD itself? Or a recording from the SHIELD on a FireStick? Are you using 4K sticks or older models?


Live tv on a shield.
Also live on firestick 4K
Guess if it’s bad on both the HDHR is causing issue?


Seems like it. Check the signal strength on the Tuner Status page via my.hdhomerun.com


Can you tell me if you have hardware or software acceleration and any other recommended settings as viewing remotely is bad, signal strength on the homerun is good.

viewing locally isnt great it keeps buffering.

I have all devices linked via ethernet and a usb hdd 1tb installed


And also were you able to run plex server at the same time? Not that I am but i may give that a go if and when I can get viewing sorted using channels?


Please try the official HDHR app on your shield to compare video playback


That is whilst watching using HDHR app.


100% glitch free using HDHR whilst watching 2 channels together


On the shield go to the Player tab and try changing decoder to Software


Also remember 100% signal strength is utterly unhelpful, as it usually means an overpowered signal. The reason this is more unhelpful than a low signal strength is because you have no clue how much stronger than the 100% value your signal strength is.

In situations when you have 100% signal strength and poor picture, your best course of action is usually an attenuator. (This is especially true of the newer Connects, as they are more sensitive to overpowered signals than previous models.)


My aerial is connected to a 6 way amplifier. I could take this out of the equation?