NVidia Shield - Harmony Remote - Channel Up/Down?

Hi! I have been happily using my Channels DVR on both an AppleTV and currently on an NVidia Shield.
Is there a way to map the Channel Up/Down to "Channel Surf": while watching live TV? I know it wasn't possible with my last setup, but now I have Shield an a Harmony Hub Elite. Is this possible?

Can the harmony be setup to send plus and minus keyboard commands?

Hey, thanks for the reply! This remote is pretty new so I haven't figured out if this is possible yet. I know when I paired it to my Nvidia Shield, it registered on the shield as a keyboard.
There might be some way to edit some code on the app as a workaround. I tried using another remote that has the Channel Up/Down to 'teach' the Harmony, but that didn't work as expected.
I'll look around for some more info. You think +/- would work huh?

Yes the app responds to +/- keyboard commands. It should change channels in the player, and page up/down in the guide.

Thanks! One step closer.

I got it working. Basically, the desktop app for configuring the Harmony sucks. There's a mobile app that does a way better job at configuring it. I removed everything and restarted the process with just the mobile app and the channel surfing works out of the box. I didn't have to do anything special to get it working. Thanks a gain for the help!

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Interesting. So what profile did you end up using? You didn't have to map to +/- at all?

It was weird. When I zeroed out the old configuration completely and added the "Watch TV" activity again, I set it up really basic. Just the TV and the Shield. When I started using the shield, without mapping any buttons or anything it "Just Worked". I didn't configure anything on the PC App this time, and only used the iOS app. It's working awesome now!

Strange Iā€™m having the same issues with the shield