NVidia Shield - Harmony Remote - Channel Up/Down?

Hi! I have been happily using my Channels DVR on both an AppleTV and currently on an NVidia Shield.
Is there a way to map the Channel Up/Down to "Channel Surf": while watching live TV? I know it wasn't possible with my last setup, but now I have Shield an a Harmony Hub Elite. Is this possible?

Can the harmony be setup to send plus and minus keyboard commands?

Hey, thanks for the reply! This remote is pretty new so I haven't figured out if this is possible yet. I know when I paired it to my Nvidia Shield, it registered on the shield as a keyboard.
There might be some way to edit some code on the app as a workaround. I tried using another remote that has the Channel Up/Down to 'teach' the Harmony, but that didn't work as expected.
I'll look around for some more info. You think +/- would work huh?

Yes the app responds to +/- keyboard commands. It should change channels in the player, and page up/down in the guide.

Thanks! One step closer.

I got it working. Basically, the desktop app for configuring the Harmony sucks. There's a mobile app that does a way better job at configuring it. I removed everything and restarted the process with just the mobile app and the channel surfing works out of the box. I didn't have to do anything special to get it working. Thanks a gain for the help!

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Interesting. So what profile did you end up using? You didn't have to map to +/- at all?

It was weird. When I zeroed out the old configuration completely and added the "Watch TV" activity again, I set it up really basic. Just the TV and the Shield. When I started using the shield, without mapping any buttons or anything it "Just Worked". I didn't configure anything on the PC App this time, and only used the iOS app. It's working awesome now!

Strange Iā€™m having the same issues with the shield

For those who are looking at this...nvidia shield has two versions in the desktop harmony app...if it isn't working for you for channel changes switch to the other version

Took me months to figure this out