Nvidia Shield - High res scaling issue 2K/4K

Ever since upgrading to a 2K (2560 x 1440) display from a 1080p display, Channels DVR app has scaling issue, mainly with its guide page.

It is usable, but things get much smaller and the channel blocks on the Guide are squished and cut of the channel numbers. The Sort menu for the guide for Favorites, HD Channels etc is cut off. Maybe some other minor UI things.

Is this scaling controller by the android TV OS fully, or is there any thing Channels can do to tweak their apps UI for use on high res screens?

This is my first display that is above 1080p, aside from my laptops which one was a 4K and my Macbook is well 'Retina".

Most other apps are fine, though some do have other minor scaling issues.

(I know in Windows 10/11, one can use a compatibility setting to override the OS native scaling to fix programs that do not scale right on high DPI displays).

it does not affect anything when i change between the refresh rates, 59,60,120, 144 or color space YUV 420,422, 10 bit ,12bit, REC. 709 or 2020 modes. Only the resolution setting affects the UI scaling.

Here are images of what the Guide page looks like on the Nvidia Shield.

4K 3840x2160:

2K 2560x1440:

1080P 1920x1080 (what i am used to seeing):

You can change the Resolution on the Shield by
Settings, Devices Preferences, Display & Sound, Advanced display options, custom display mode.

If the higher res options are not listed, you can enable them as follows. (which was told to me by nvidia on their forms)

Enable Dev options (clicking the build number in about 7 times)
In Dev options, Enable "Show all supported modes in custom display modes".


Thanks for writing this up.

The scaling of UI elements is within our control.

Does On Now and Library have similar issues? Or only the guide?

All pages are much smaller font and overall UI elements.
The Guide is where it is most noticeable.
I do not use the Library feature, but enabled to to get some screen shots.

Here are a bunch of screen shots with the Shield in 4K res.
Not sure how well they will convey how things looks different from the 1080p scaling.

To add some more info, My post on the nvida forms is here asking about how to enable the higher res and refresh rates since they do not show natively on the Shield.

There response.:

"Android TV is designed for TV use, not PC monitors, so it supports TV resolutions which does not include 1440p.

That said, we have added a developer option to open up all resolution support. Inside devleloper options (enable this by clicking settings - dp - about - build 7 times) there is an option for extended display modes, enable it. Note that some apps don't work at non TV resolutions like 1440p so there are some compatiblity issues when you enable this. Also note that the main homescreens UI scaling from 1080p to 4k will be turned off so your icons will be smaller and more will appear on the screen in the launcher."

So...ok. sure, thinks may look weird in 2K res, but when i set to 4K, a "TV" standard res, they look WORSE. I do not have any such scaling issues when u push 4K res from the Apple TV or my PC or Mac. so....feels like a cop out by nvidia there.