Nvidia shield: plex + channels DVR


Is anyone running plex server AND channels DVR server at same time?
If so, how does it function? Thanks.


We have heard some reports that Plex can use a lot of resources on the SHIELD and sometimes impact Channels DVR's ability to make recordings.


Not running them on the Shield. But fyi.... I ran PLEX and Channels DVR on my Mac Mini for a long time without any problems. I am currently running PLEX and Emby and Channels DVR on a DS1019+ without any problems for about 1 week. However, I am not a heavy user of any of them.


My experience was that the Shield was not powerful enough to handle just Plex, let alone adding anything else to it. i have a mini pc running Plex, Channels, and MCEBuddy with no problems.


Thanks all. I'll stick with synology DS or mac mini.