Nvidia Shield Pro and channels set up

I was told a Nvidia Shield Pro with USB storage would work in lieu of an HD Homerun. There’s no set up manual. There’s no auto set up other than the screen telling me to connect the HD HomeRun I was told I didn’t need. I’ve spent $32 on the app and Channels Plus for nothing.

You were told a lot of wrong things in that sentence, basically everything you said is wrong.

You don’t need an HDHR with the channels plus DVR server, that’s 8 a month. You need channels dvr subscription and pay for locast and/or a tv everywhere provider.

The $30 app requires an HDHomerun.

I think you received some mixed information. You definitely can use Channels on a Shield without a tuner, but not the way you are thinking. The way it would work is:

  1. Install the Channels DVR Server on the Shield.
  2. Subscribe to Channels Plus, which is the $8/mo—or $80/yr—service which is needed for DVR service.
  3. Configure the DVR server to use your Locast—$5/mo—and/or cable/OTT credentials for streamed channels.
  4. Install the Channels DVR client app on the Shield.

I believe you accidentally purchased the Channels – Live TV app, which is for only viewing live TV from HDHomeRun tuners. Also one caveat if you are using a Shield with the DVR Server: YouTube TV credentials will not work as an OTT provider for TV Everywhere channels.

You were told? Where? BY who?
The forum systems says this post is your very first post here, so we don't see any record of you being told anything. Unless you used a different account before?

I’ve done everything on your list. But there are no instructions anywhere on how to actually do the setup. The first thing Channels and Channels DVR tells me to do is connect to my HD device. I don’t see any other options.

Are you always so hostile? I contacted Channels via Messenger. I asked a lot of questions to make sure I made the right purchase. But now all the person there has done is lead me to a page where I can download Channels DVR. I’ve already done that.

There should be some kid of auto set up on instructions. There isn’t. Or I can’t get to it.

Install this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.getchannels.dvr

It should say "Network Server Active" on your screen, like it does on the screenshot on the page above.

Underneath that is a URL like http://x.x.x.x:8089

Put that in your browser to finish setup.

Asking simple basic instructions on how you were told wrong info...is hostile??
I asked cause i find it very surprising that you were told so much wrong info.
Far as i know, the only official way and best way to get info is here(Community) or via email to their support. Which are well linked to on the Channels DVR website.
Also, FAQ is right on the site.
And is a Pinned message at the top of these forms.

Not sure who u messaged via "Messenger" but maybe it was not official.

In the past we have experimented with Facebook ads, and we do offer limited support via Facebook Messenger.

The Nvidia installer could be more user friendly, and this is not the first time it has caused confusion amongst new users. It's easy to forget about since you only ever do once, so it's helpful to hear experiences like this.

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I see. I don't use FaceBook, and did not there was some form of "support" you could offer on there.

I also having a hard time figuring out what the OP means by "setup" on the Shield.
All you have to do is install the app from the App store on the Shield and connect it to the DVR. Or just use the paid independant app version if u do not want the DVR features.

I guess they were indicating they are trying to setup the DVR server on the Shield?
And you are saying that is not as easy as just installing the app from the Play store?

Installing the DVR on the shield is another app in the Play Store, and the app is confusing to use. It is one of the very first android apps we wrote several years ago and has not been updated much.

Adding to the confusion, on the DVR page on Channels' website, the Shield is listed under the different NAS models.

As I previously posted, I can understand the OP's confusion, and tried to clarify a few points. However, in the OP's defense, the available material on Channels' website related to setting up the DVR server is lacking. It's easy to see why there are so many posts on the forum from new users trying to configure the DVR for the first time.

Hopefully @warrenpmerrill has been able to get a little more clarification and direction to get their Shield working for live TV without an HDHR tuner.

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I'm glad to see that there is confusion here, not because I want anyone to have problems but because when this happens it shows that there is a crying need for step by step instructions to be posted somewhere. With so many ways to set this up, on so many platforms, I totally understand how people become confused. Throw in the fact that it won't work if you are using YouTube TV and it gets harder. I'm not complaining, I'm just seeing how easy it is to get lost.