Nvidia shield pro

Good afternoon all
First I want to say it I'm beyond pleased with how channels has performed over the last year and a half with the exception of user errors on my part it has performed flawlessly on every system I've put it on. My question now relates to Nvidia TV shield pro I'm considering replacing my mini PC with one from Amazon. My question is, in everyone's experience will it handle playing 4K movies and TV shows over the network considering it's gigabit and my entire backbone of my network is gigabit so it should but does anyone have any comments or thoughts on it.

I am going to go out on a limb and assume you got a new HDHR 4K Quatro? I believe that most of those streams are between 8 and 15 Mbps. Even if you are using another source that is a higher bit rate your Gbit ethernet is not going to be taxed by 4k at all.

Thank you. Can the shield handle it?

Yes, easily