Nvidia Shield Random Crashes

I have been having an issue for the past week or so where Channels DVR will randomly close on my Nvidia Shield and my Shield will go to the home screen. I can't pinpoint if anything specific is causing this. It started happening around the same time that I updated my Shield software to 8.2, updated my Channels DVR server (on Synolgy NAS), and started using the Beta app in order to use the Harmony remote buttons.

I posted my log here:

When you relaunch the Channels app after the crash, does it start over and show "Preparing your TV"?

If so, can you click submit diagnostics in the app and select Crash

Yes, it does say Preparing TV. I just submitted the crash diagnostic. Not sure if it helps, but it happened at approximately 21:06/21:07 EST.

Doesn't go back far enough. Do it right afterwards

Ah crap. It doesn't happen often. Seems to happen 1 or 2 times a night. I'll make sure to submit the logs right after the next time I catch it.

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Went 4 days without this happening and it finally just happened. I submitted logs just now at 20:11, crash occurred around 20:10/20:11.

The only difference this time is that it did not open to the "Preparing TV" screen, so not sure if it's related to my previous crashes. App is on the latest Beta and DVR server is on the latest pre-release.