Nvidia Shield - Second attempt

So a little bit of history. I’ve been looking high and low for a better controller then the Apple TV which landed me on the shield which I returned for a Tivo, which I wasn’t happy with due to bugs and picture quality.

I ended up going back to the Apple TV and buying a harmony remote. All good except I can’t stand the scroll animation.

So I picked up the shield again and paired the harmony remote with it.

All I have to say, after two weeks with this thing. AMAZING! Omg I wish I spent more time with this in the first buy!

I sold off my PS4 pro and use this to connect to my PS5 plus Nvidia GeForce now and retroarch!

So amazing. Better apps for other things I use to.

I am so happy with this product that the Apple TV is sitting on a shelf only being used for homekit.


I went through a similar exercise with AppleTV and Roku when I decided to ditch DirecTV and go streaming a couple of years ago and also settled on a Shield as the best platform for my needs (Pro TV, in my case). It's fast, supports 4K, HDR, Dolby Vision, etc., small, automation-friendly via ADB, and just an all-around good experience. I suspect that it's not the flagship platform for Channels DVR (sounds like that's AppleTV), but I have no complaints at all.

Hopefully they step up their game. I know they were looking for android developers.