Nvidia Shield - Surround Sound OFF

I've been experiencing a brief stutter where the bar pops up during OTA playback via an HDHR and Nvidia Shield. Searching the forums has shown Turing off Surround Sound on the Shield helps with this issue.

My question is, if I want to avoid this brief pause do I need to sacrifice my DD5.1 playback? Are there any other options that I can try to maintain DD5.1 without the stutters? It's frustrating watching live events since the pause will occur every few minutes.

Its a 2017 Shield connected via Ethernet. Thoughts?

The playback bar will also come up during signal issues causing a stutter. Have you verified this is not the case by turning on the signal notifications and also checking the hdhr interface for signal numbers? This is all channels?

It's unfortunate but it is the case on Android TV and Google TV. I've experienced it on multiple devices.... They either Can't or won't fix it. Only way around it is either turn off Sur Sound or once it starts playing hit back once.

If your receiver can decode the Surround Sound, you should be OK with turning off the Surround Sound on the Shield. The Shield does an excellent job of passing through the surround sound signal even if you have the Surround Sound of the Shield set to "Off".

I purchased the Shield since it seemed to reliably deliver Dolby Atmos. When I had the Surround Sound activated on the Shield, the Atmos signal would break up. When I turned off the Surround Sound on the Shield, the Dolby Atmos lights up as it should on my receiver, and sounds great.

It is odd to pay a premium only to turn off the feature, but if it works, it works.

With the Channels app if you want to send AC3 audio to the AVR you need the surround sound setting inside the channels app turned on. This is different than the Shields setting.

I've been having a similar issue. Can someone tell me how to disable surround sound on the shield?

The Surround Sound settings on the Shield are under the Display and Sound Menu in Settings.

Then scroll down to Advanced sound settings. There is a toggle button to turn on or off Dolby audio processing. You probably also want to turn off the Stereo Upmix feature that is below.