Nvidia Shield vs Synology 218+ or Equal - Performance Comparison

I've been using my Shield as thr DVR server for a few days now and notice every once in a while the stream will briefly stop, say 1/2 sec pause enough to bring up the bar on the bottom, and then keep playing. I'm wondering if it's a slight dip in the Shield performance if it's doing other tasks. It doesn't appear to be a buffering issue. Most of the time it works great.

Any idea how to address this? Also, would switching to a dedicated NAS like the Synology 218+ or 220+ drastically improve the performance?

Are you also using the Shield as a Client ? that can cause a problem if not I setup a Shield for a user I enable developer adoptions disabled all APPS not needed... Turned off Animation ... prevented all sleep even when switching outputs. USB ports always on. Power control disabled all options. In other words it is like a headless server.

The only APPS I left were the ChannelsDVR and Google play store.

I'm using this particular Shield as the DVR Server and a client. Ideally I can still utilize the Shield for much more than just a server since it's the hub of my Living Room setup.

This is kind of my question. Should I just pick up a Synology NAS that's capable of being a good Channels DVR? I assumed the Shield is powerful enough to act as both a Server and Client.

The Nas would be better if you are going to use the Shield as a DVR and Client ... The shield has a problem Recording, Running Comskip and Viewing at the same time ... also if someone is viewing remotely it has to transcode. So best use the NAS as a ChannelsDVR and Shield as a Client. As long as the NAS uses QuickSync you should be ok. Which I believe that Nas does.

Iā€™m new here and probably have more questions than answers but I have a Synology DS418 and a Nvidia Shield Pro TV and tried Channels on both. The Nvidia is the hands down better platform. If you get a Synology make sure it has the intel processor. I use the Synology as storage right now and Shield for server and player.

I am curious are you the only user because A shield is not powerful enough for family of users.

As a shield server/client user, and having had this same exact issue, I will add that @Edwin_Perez is spot on with the limited # of clients.

Anyways. Are you using an ssd as the shields adopted storage? That was my solution, I think it gets bogged down doing multiple things with a slow drive.

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I use the DS918+ as the Channels Server and the Shield Pro as a client. No complaints.

There's no advantage to run the server on the shield if you have a DS.

Just picked up a DS920+ to replace my Shield Pro as the server. Definitely overkill for Channels, but figured with my never ending movies and photos of my kids and other media, the 4 bays would come in handy. I would think the NAS will help with remote users as well since my parents will be using my setup while at their camp. It comes in Sunday. Can't wait to get it set up.