OBS for Custom Channels

OBS Studio is a popular and easy to use streaming software. Now you can stream into your Channels DVR and record or watch live from any Channels client.

(Spent a few minutes trying this and just wanted to document the settings required so others can play and explore.)

OBS settings (based on this):

In OBS you can configure any number of inputs, such as USB HDMI capture, webcam, and even web browsers (not sure how well it works). I used the latter just to test things out:

Once you hit "Start Recording", then setup Custom Channel in your DVR:

#EXTINF:-1 channel-id="obs-1",OBS Test

and you can watch/record the OBS stream from your Channels DVR clients:

(Note that NBC site only shows this spinner so I don't think this is a replacement for Chrome Capture. But OBS makes it very easy to integrate cameras and HDMI USB devices).


Have you tried passing custom CEF flags to the OBS shortcut? Not exactly sure how it works, but it looks like you add them directly to the program shortcut OBS Studio Browser Source --disable-gpu-compositing · GitHub

Hmm...this could be an option to combine this with adbtuner to create a cheaper solution to the DRM problem inside Channels

Was attempting something similar to this to record from one of Matt Huisman widevine addons for kodi.

Ended up going with a HDMI encoder but could be an option for some.

Restreamer docker container was also mentioned in the ATSC 3.0 DRM thread as a way to use a cheap HDMI to USB capture stick to stream HLS to Channels. HDMI source could be something cheap like Android onn device that you run a TV network app on. Less than 40 bucks all in but you got to have a server that can handle it since there's no encoding being done by the stick it's raw video that's transcoded by Restreamer.

And then you need to get in the weeds with software like ADBtuner, AH4C etc., all of which have threads here. Not excessively complicated but does take some work.

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