Occasional Partial Audio Loss?

I'm going to put this here since I don't recall it happening on our iPad's etc. Has anyone ever stumbled upon partial audio loss when watching live tv or a recording using the ATV 4K connected to a home theater receiver?

The symptom is that when watching either live or recorded tv the soundtrack will be playing normally and then (usually occurs) after skipping forward / backwards the audio will partially continue with background audio track but spoken audio between characters is gone.

It could be the receiver but stopping the stream (usually changing the channel) and then coming back to the original stream does resolve it. This doesn't happen very often and doesn't happen with any other app when i'm watching multi-channel audio content through the ATV 4K.

It's not a huge deal but wondering if anyone else has experienced it? the ATV 4K is connected to a Marantz SR6011 if that is of any consequence.

Probably a bug in the experimental audio driver

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I've had the same problem many times related to coming back from PIP. It was common in the previous version but in the latest version I have it has only happened once maybe twice. My setup also involves a receiver if that matters.

I seem to be experiencing the same choppy audio as described above. The audio does not behave the same way via the TVision app.

Should I turn off Experimental video to resolve this issue or is there something else that could go haywire if I do so? Might you have to repair a bug in the experimental video option?

I said experimental audio not video. You can update to v4.4.3 and try changing the settings until it works.

I am seeing the same loss of audio dialog channels occasionally on Apple TV 4K sending 5.1 audio to my home theater receiver.

I see this occasionally when I shut down my home theater system without leaving the channels app. I believe the app is still running on the Apple TV and feeding audio to the receiver, when the receiver and TV are turned off. There is no power button for the Apple TV.

When I later come back into the app on Apple TV when I turn my home theater system and tv back on, there is a loss of the dialogue channels.

I have found that if I close the channels app on the Apple TV 4K by using the app switcher and shutting channels down, when I reopen the app it is once again in a happy state and the dialog channels come back.

Hope this helps someone.

I have had this happen too, but it’s extremely rare. I think it has happened twice in my years of using Channels. I’ll try to submit diagnostics if it ever happens again, but this far I haven’t been able to reproduce it.