Oculus TV?

Are there any plans to bring Channels and Channels DVR to the upcoming Oculus TV app? Or perhaps make a separate app for Oculus/VR?

I’m getting an Oculus Go this weekend, and would certainly enjoy watching my television shows with it. I’ll be curious to see if I can use the web interface inside the unit to watch my recorded shows, but that will be a very awkward user interface.

Thank you.

Please no, I hate that Plex is even wasting time with this when so many other things should be taking priority. Don’t get me wrong it would be a neat thing to have but near or at the bottom of the to-do list.

Outside of stability and UI improvements (clock, upcoming movies, new series) here are a few things that should come before VR support.

-Full DVR support with remote streaming for various platforms
-Google Assistant and/or Amazon Alexa integration
-Live Channels API integration
-Oreo home screen integration


We won’t be spending any cycles on VR.

I got a Go too this week and it’s really fun!

For what it’s worth, I sideloaded the Android apk of the Channels client onto my Oculus Quest 2, and it works pretty well!

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