Odd behavior when the picture breaks up due to a weak antenna signal

I've noticed that while watching a DVR'd title, when the picture breaks up due to a weakened antenna signal, often when the signal returns the audio keeps playing just fine, and then it takes several seconds for the picture to catch up. Then when the picture starts playing again, it plays super fast until it catches up with the audio. All of these fast forwarded frames appear completely clear. So shouldn't all of those frames have been able to play alongside the audio just fine, instead of with a delay and than catching up with fast video? This fast-forward motion always results in a comical effect where other people are moving their lips while others are talking and everything moving quickly, lol, but yeah of course I'd prefer everything to be in sync and at the correct speed.

For reference I'm watching on a Sony x930d TV.

When OTA video is sent, the video frames aren't always sent in order. Also, the information about when to display certain frames can be tied to the audio stream. If there's an error or gap in the stream, getting everything synced back up can give you some interesting results, as you've experienced.

I think maybe I would then prefer an option for the stream to buffer until everything is ready to resume playback in sync.

I don't think I've ever experienced anything like this with any other OTA live or DVR source.

Not sure what setup you have. I have hard wired between HD honerun and Google TV via managed switch which in turn connects to the DVR over wi-fi on a Synology disk station.
I started seeing buffering and pixelation which resulted in me changing my Ariel, which did not improve matters.
I then did a cable test via my managed switch and found mismatch errors on cables. After replacing and testing again with zero errors, no more pixelation.
Good quality cat 5 or 6 cable is key.