Odd PQ Issue ATSC 3.0

This site was very useful with a remote issue I had, so here's another go at it.

I have an HDHR tuner device with two 3.0/1.0 ATSC tuners, and two 1.0 tuners using Channels DVR to record to a Windows notebook. Playback is on a Tivo 4k Google TV device using the Channels app.

On one station (KOMO-ABC) if I record something off the 3.0 channel the faces can get a very shinny appearance. It's particularly bad on the local news. No problem if I record off the 1.0 broadcast. What could be causing this?

My work around is simply to disable the 3.0 channel on that station on the HDHR device, and that works fine, but I'm curious about the cause. The other stations I use the 3.0 frequencies for are CBS and Fox.

Does it happen in the official HDHR app?

I don't know. I never really use that app. Do you mean an app on the Tivo 4K Google TV device?

I would try their app on your GTV and on a PC/laptop to see if the same issue happens there or not.

Sorry to have dropped off the face of the earth. I didn't switch back to the 3.0 tuner until some stormy winds were creating multipath. The shiny face problem no longer occurs. I think it was something related to the station's newscast. If it pops up again on a recording I'll try the suggestions here, but I haven't had a chance to due to no such recordings on the 1.0 tuner.