Official Discord Soft Launch

Hey everyone! We just soft launched an official Discord server today.

If you're unfamiliar, Discord provides a place for communities to live chat and even live voice chat. It's becoming an expectation for certain groups that communities have a place like this to gather to discuss and support each other. It fits right in with Channels so we thought we would make sure we provide it.

This is new to us, so we thought we'd start small and include you all first. We'd like to get it a bit more established before we announce it more publicly so that those outside of the direct community don't show up to an empty discord.

So feel free to join. Let us know what would make it better. And as always, keep it fun!

You can join here:


Invite expired.

Whoops, here's one that won't expire:

How do you see it fitting with these forums? It seems inevitable that there will be more repetition. So just wondering if there’s a plan.

I can't access it from my work laptop which is when I'm mostly on the forum :stuck_out_tongue: