Official HDHR apps to view Live TV without Internet (coming soon)

Wow that is an outstanding feature for users with HDHR. To be able to lose internet and still be able to see TV throughout the house on WIFI is a game changer.

Is that sarcasm? It should have worked this way from day #1 and was silly that it didn't.

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Not sarcasm because frankly I never thought about it. The documentation said you had to have an internet connection so I didnt think it should work without it.

It was ludicrous from day 1 because TV is essential during an emergency. And most of their product line revolves around OTA which should have zero limitations. People have been asking SD to correct this for YEARS too.

Some of their design decisions over the years really make you scratch your head.

They do have some well-designed features like being able to have multiple DVR's regardless of operating System each sharing passes and recordings. I also like the idea of having the Passes in the cloud makes it easier to not have to redo the passes in the event of catastrophic error.

So it is not all bad and being able to play recordings and watch TV is a plus when internet is down.

But make sure your DVRs have constant internet access, because only the next 4-6 hours of passes are downloaded. If your internet is down for longer, you'll start missing recordings.

Um, not for everyone. First for Roku and Apple TV (which is suprising, because those two are the least-featured apps), and only later for other platforms. And their apps don't cache any guide data, so it can tune and display content, but you'll need a printed TV Guide to know what's on.

They are literally doing less than the least they could do.

So, you're deeming something that hasn't even been released yet as a failure? What brand of Crystal Ball do you use?

I guess you have trouble with understanding my posts I stated that you would not lose your Passes in the event of a catastrophic error nothing to do with recordings.

Example ... Channels DVR and DHomeRun DVR on my synology.

If I lost the Synology fire up a windows PC Setup Channels DVR have to setup all passes over again ... HDHomeRun DVR they are already there.

I would like an option to export / import passes in Channels DVR.

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In the meantime, you can just do a backup somewhere else of Channel's automatic backups (Database folder). You can even do a manual one whenever you want or write a script to schedule it, but it does one automatically daily anyway. I have my folder doing a network folder and cloud sync (along with pretty much the entire system minus the recordings, which I sweep to an external SSD on a weekly basis), so in the event of a catastrophic failure (again) I can spin up a new server with things exactly as they were at the last backup--including passes--in five minutes flat. If you want to be extra cautious, you could also have the settings.db and recorder.db in the ProgramData\ChannelsDVR folder be live backup'd / cloud sync'd, then you would literally be up to the minute!