Official Subreddit Now Available

Hey everyone. We just opened an official subreddit at:

This isn't a replacement for our amazing community here, but we know some people frequent Reddit a lot and figured it wouldn't hurt to make discussions about Channels accessible in even more places.

Keep it fun!


Finally subreddit without I hope prejudice against other services and users.

Standards express a preference for a certain behavior (ie., legal behavior), not a prejudice against people/users.

We shall see

Thanks for doing this. There is already a ChannelsDVR sub that has like one post in it. You may want to post a thread there directing to the new official one, or better yet reach out to whomever set it up and try to kill it off.

My experience on Reddit in the cordcutters sub has been extremely frustrating. Numerous times I've had posts about Channels sensored for no legitimate reason. I tried to talk to them about it, and also asked why they didn't include Channels in their new cord cutters guides. The answers back were kind of ridiculous, since they include Plex and freely talk about things like that. The fact that its possible to add M3U playlists was one of the reasons given. There is an entire active sub on IPTV. I just think the cordcutters moderators have a strong bias towards Plex and see this as a threat... no other logical reason I could come up with. So glad to see that there is something there official. Will be interesting to see if you start getting trolls.

Yeah, I’ve actually been officially banned from /r/CordCutters if you can believe that. For posting about Channels. That sub is crazy pants.

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I sent a very respectful message to the moderators asking if they could add Channels to their new cord cutter guide, because I find myself recommending it to someone nearly every day in cordcutters. Its the only solution for many people's use cases. They replied back some lame reason why they wouldn't add it... which was completely invalid because they include Plex (nothing wrong with Plex, its just that it is also a software solution which you can clearly do unsavory things with if you so chose). I replied back ... again just a respectful discussion about it. I was immediately banned for 30 days. I've continued to talk about Channels DVR on the sub. If they want to ban me then fine, but its kind of ridiculous when people are just trying to share their thought about the many aspects of cord cutting. There are things that Plex does well, things that Channels DVR does well, things that a Tivo does well... not everything is best at every use case. But when you think about the concept of cord cutting, Channels DVR is the killer app because you can start out using it while you still have cable and transition to different sources without the family having to continually be learning a new UI and losing their library with every switch. They should be the first ones praising it!

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Wow, I thought it was just me, that perhaps I fell victim to a mod who was having a bad day and made a mistake.

About a month ago I tried to post this informative article, with no commentary:
How a tiny startup is reinventing the DVR for the cord-cutter era

The post was quickly removed, with this (nonsensical) explanation:

Your submission was removed from /r/cordcutters

subreddit message via /r/cordcutters[M] sent 28 days ago

Your post/comment was removed because it violates rule 4.

No discussion about sharing accounts (including Plex), sharing family plans, or sharing passwords. No discussion of anything that may violate the ToS of any services or "workarounds" that may do the same.

What's their problem over there?

Yeh.. they I think want to say that PlayOn is copyright infringement or something, yet there is a whole sub on PlayOn that has been there for years, as has the product. And the linked article actually talks about the legal aspects. Nuts.

It was removed so quickly that I doubt they even read the article. I think they've just have mistakenly categorized Channels as a pirated content aggregator (while not applying that same faulty logic to, say, Plex) and therefore reject any discussion about it... which is shady in and of itself, not to mention, pretty stupid.


I just noticed that a thread that references Channels DVR in its title has somehow, miraculously, been permitted to remain in /r/cordcutters:

I don't care for Redit. some stupid downvote and "karma" system that makes your posts hidden or prevent you from replying to comments.

I have only gotten stupid, useless responses to valid questions or issues i need help with.
"Just use Google" or people that think they know how to help, and don't. Or, people that ignore what I type, and post "solutions" or suggestions, that only apply to iOS, when i specifically stated I use Android etc.

XDA developers forums, also, is a very picky and crazy nutty place, with insane mods and stupid rules. left that crap hole years ago when i gave up custom roms

Edit: I would think Kodi would me much more of a thing that redit would not like...since it is a very big product many use in illegal ways and infact comes pre-built into many no name china iptv boxes and hacked/modded stream boxes one can easy buy on amazon and ebay.

I don't see any valid reason that talk of software like Channels, Plex, Emby would be something they would just ban you for with no warning.

Edit: looking at that linked post on user posted that they called up there mom and got there password and now enjoys using her account to stream content via Channels. yeaa....that is admitting to "password sharing". That I would think would get a person banned from the platform based on what i have heard from others about their rules there. Why that person not create their own sub account, i don't know. But it is not smart to openly post on redit that u are engaging in password sharing like. Random mod that reads that, knows nothing of how Channels DVR works, i can see how they would then assume its some ilegal software or easy to use for such practices, and ban talk on it. cause when a person posts advocating and telling people how to get a way with password sharing, but using xyz software. etc.

Well password sharing can happen without Channels, but the mods there don't seem to understand that. From my interaction with them, I think that they just like Plex and want to promote it. Because clearly you can use Plex in unsavory ways.

Ah... XDA Developers... I haven't been there in years. They started that site around the same time I started PDAPhoneHome many moons ago. They survived and I didn't, so they had to have done something right. ::slight_smile:

Any thoughts about starting a Discord for live chat and troubleshooting?!

We can barely mod what we have!

And I know nothing about maintaining a discord. But I do understand it’s starting to become the expectation.

I'd be happy to help, in whatever way I can! Channels and TVE have literally become my entire cable network. No boxes, no issues, two separate homes. It's saved me boat loads.

OK. Let's try this experiment out.

Discord is great for real time chat type support.
But, only if there are active people there to respond.
Also, gotta have your own mod bots, or role system setup, to control things.
I have seen outside bots "raid" servers, flood them with spam posts etc.