Older shows missing from Channels Fire TV Recordings

I mostly interact withe Fire stick Channels app (3.2.0). I have a Pass that records several shows a day and this has been set for a few months now. Today I realized the following:

  • the Web DVR interface shows 36 episodes of particular show (DVR->Manage narrowed to show & Recordings .. NOT Imports)
  • the Fire stick Recordings tab shows only the last 10 episodes of this show.

Is there a Setting I'm missing that controls the number of episodes shown on the Fire TV app? How can I have the Fire stick app show me all the episodes that exist ?

The Recordings page is not exhaustive. It only shows the most recent 2 weeks of recordings or so. To see all of your recorded content, you need to go to the Library page in the app, and find your program there.

OK, thanks for the helpful answer.
Now the next question, is there an indicator in the Library view which episodes are on the DVR vs which ones are from 'Imports' ? (Or a filter to narrow the Library view down to Recordings vs Imports?)
There are a few reasons this would be helpful: Free up DVR disk space preferentially since Imports resides on a much larger remote NAS etc. Avoid auto-delete setup to manage disk space. etc.

No, there is no real difference in the library between recorded or imported content, and no filter in the apps that I am aware of to differentiate them. However, you can disable deletion of imported content so it is not accidentally removed from your library. Also, you can set up rules about how many recordings get kept per program or system wide, and those rules don't apply to imported content.

The latest android beta will update the Recordings tab to match behavior from Apple TV. Now the 200 most recent recordings will be shown regardless of date. (Previously the past two weeks of recordings were shown).

Ok, thanks, that's good to know. This will be helpful indeed,