Olympics iCal calendar + schedule google sheets

Ok so the calendar is ready (maybe without some BMX event but I'm going to add them soon)
you may subscribe using this link

or paste into the browser


Also for better search schedule I put every event with start and end time on google sheet which is available here

As soon as women gymnastics ends :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I try to put indyvidual ics files on my page https://sebastianszwarc.pl/tokio2020 and maybe more web database searchable solution. Still I don't know how and from where to grab participants in each event.

I can provide spreadsheet for editing here if someone is able to manually finding them and paste. Thanks for subscribing in advance and for any remarks.

If someone could provide me an example of minimal xmltv file for single sport channel (like those Australia 7 have) I try to create EPG.

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Link to my thread on reddit

Wow that's a lot of work. Are those event times?

Yes :slight_smile: UTC time and Tokio time :slight_smile: I put too much work on my shoulders but because offcial Olympic page makes finding such information difficult I'll try to fix this myself, any help and support appreciated :slight_smile:

That's great. Hope it works out. Unfortunately in the US there is not much live. We have to use a service called Peacock.

I know, I am using YoutubeTV, NBC Sports App, Australia Channel 7, BBC, and Channels to record some streams overnight. I made thread on Reddit about how US broadcast of Olympics is awful, there was lot of upvotes but eventually moderators removed it, they don't like people from other countries I assume :frowning:

You can watch Canadian tv via satelite, or try to use CBC app, they supposed to have decent coverage. US commentators behave like only US competes, which somehow reminds me of how olympic broadcast may look in North Korea :slight_smile:

What other countries? If you are using YTTV, I'm guessing you are in the US.

No, I'm from Poland :slight_smile:
btw event files are being generated at the moment

ics uploaded.

Ok. I see why Reddit got on your case. It's not where you are from, it's what you do.

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You are Wrong, but that is not a thread for discussing that

How am I wrong? Is YTTV available in Poland?

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