On Later Bugs on Android

Issues on latest Android beta v2022.10.14.1542 running on an Android 12 phone:

  1. The first tap on a channel number in the Guide only visually highlights it, and it must be tapped a second time to actually opens its On Later page. (On iOS, it opens immediately on the first tap.)

  2. Tapping Guide > On Later (:date:) > TV Shows > [any genre] and then the upper-left back button (or using the system back button/gesture) results in a blank page with just TV Shows in the top title, but none of the categories are shown.

    Diagnostics ("Other"): cf556766-eb95-4e62-a06b-1b6b00835489

  3. Tapping Guide > On Later (:date:), and then tapping Settings in the bottom navbar reliably crashes the app.

    Diagnostics ("Crash"): 21d3097e-6b72-417b-b4dc-e99ccc0c96fe


Thanks! These should be fixed in the next beta build.

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All three are fixed, thank you!