On Later Glitch on iOS

The On Later screen has a loading glitch. If I open the app, Select On Now from bottom row of icons, Select On Later icon upper right. On Later screen loads blank. I select the Fine Tune icon upper left, click done (without making any changes). On Later Screen loads. If I select back and then select the On Later icon again. The on later screen loads blank.

App Version: 5.4.2
Server Version: 2022.08.22.2031

BTW also happens on Beta Version: 8.23.1743

I have submitted Diagnostics for both versions of the app.

I’m having a similar issue but only once I click on the TV option to see what’s on later on TV. Since I can see it in the webclient it’s definitely an issue with the iPad app. I’m using the Beta Version. And I also can’t submit Beta feedback from the iPad Beta app. When I tap on it, nothing happens.

Yes it is still happening on iOS version 9.3.2350.

I think this is fixed now. Please try the latest TestFlight beta.

On later does not reliable work for me, either on iOS or TVOS platforms. Regularly get the message returned, “Nothing seems to be on later” returned.

I just sent diagnostics from IOS following this message. I can usually select the on later prefs, then reload and get results returned. But it’s hit and miss and I almost always have to do this a couple of times before seeing any results.

I’d appreciate it if the DEVS could review the diagnostic file submitted, as I’d like to be able to reliably use this feature without considering, is it going to work, each time I attempt.