On Later Glitch on iOS

The On Later screen has a loading glitch. If I open the app, Select On Now from bottom row of icons, Select On Later icon upper right. On Later screen loads blank. I select the Fine Tune icon upper left, click done (without making any changes). On Later Screen loads. If I select back and then select the On Later icon again. The on later screen loads blank.

App Version: 5.4.2
Server Version: 2022.08.22.2031

BTW also happens on Beta Version: 8.23.1743

I have submitted Diagnostics for both versions of the app.

I’m having a similar issue but only once I click on the TV option to see what’s on later on TV. Since I can see it in the webclient it’s definitely an issue with the iPad app. I’m using the Beta Version. And I also can’t submit Beta feedback from the iPad Beta app. When I tap on it, nothing happens.

Yes it is still happening on iOS version 9.3.2350.

I think this is fixed now. Please try the latest TestFlight beta.