On Later Welcome (Beta v2022.10.07.2032)

How do I get rid of the on later get started screen. It keeps coming back.

Once you’ve set it up by picking some choices in Fine Tune, it shouldn’t appear anymore.

Suppose I do not want to fine tune it ? Like it the way it is.

That’s how it works.

Terrible that we are forced to fine tune when I really like the way it was presented.

I discovered this through trial and error when it was first introduced to tvOS.

I feel the "Getting Started" page ought to have a "Later" or "Skip" option to simply bypass this requirement.

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I know you guys love debating our product decisions, but believe it or not, there’s more people that use Channels that aren’t professionals at it, than there are that are.

On Later is something that works better fine tuned than not, so the feature was designed this way to ensure that most casual customers can get the most out of it.

This is a very common pattern and I hear that you’re annoyed that you can’t use it unfiltered, but the product is designed for casual users first, with the pro features tucked away for those that can find and use them.

We think this is actually a hallmark of Channels.


I can see this leading to more Problems with Mom and Pop trying to fine tune and lose half the channels ... not a good Idea from where I am sitting... but it is your choice so we either have to live with it or not use it. I choose not to use it. I turned it off globally do not want the headaches of non-technical users in my household forced to fine tune.,

Heard, and understood. I was just throwing my 2 bits in.

Thanks for the continued improvements Jon (and the rest).

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You can also tune it on the server, and then none of the clients will show the welcome screen.

If you like it but don't want it to be the main focus, change the startup section to Library

The reason I liked on later without that Nag screen is that up front it showed me what is being recorded on all channels no fuss no mess ... Now I have to go in and add each channel one by one that is ridiculous.

What nag screen are you talking about? Maybe I am just not seeing it

Unless you choose to fine tune it the NAG Help screen does not go away. So, in order to get pass it I have to add all my Channels 1 by 1.

I found a workaround I just exclude 1 Pluto Channel.

I don’t know, I think this is a great feature. It’s what sets it apart from Plex and Emby.

It is a great feature it is just if you choose not to fine tune you cannot access it.

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This is completely incorrect.

Adding channels does not exclude other channels, it just prioritizes content on those channels when it shows you results.

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Ok now I understand ... thanks for the info did not know that.

I am still beta testing but I have a question is this setting by Client or universal ... Can any Client make changes to it and will those changes affect all Clients ?

Suggestion can the options to tune On Later be disabled in KIOSK mode?

Right now any Client can change it.... and it Changes on all Clients.