On Now Collection Header Bug

I’ve noticed this for a while and it hasn’t been too annoying so I’ve left it alone. A search here on the forum didn’t return any post so since I have some time I figured I’d put it out here in case the developers wanted to look into it.

On TvOS the On Now section of the app has a header allowing you to switch between channel collections. I have quite a few on rotation and average 8-10 collections at any given time/season of the year.

The bug/issue comes into play when switching between collections. When the names for each section extend beyond the screen the header bar does not shift with the selected text. Which means you are switching channel collections but doing so blindly, unable to tell which collection you are on.

I’ve included some photos for context.

This widget is made by Apple so we don't have much control over how it interacts

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Yeah, you've reached the limit. Your titles are pretty long meaning you're using up all of the available area with only 5 collections. Consider using shorter names to fit more. I have 8 showing in mine.