On Now images cropped

When viewing items in the On Now tab, movie images are cropped (rather than scaled). My expectation would be that the image be scaled, so the full height is visible.

This occurs both on tvOS and iOS, both stable and beta versions.

(I saw the thread for the cropped images for the Top Shelf—which could possibly be solved by scaling them smaller/giving them a border—but nothing regarding the On Now page.)

I believe this is a limitation with iOS/tvOS. Would love to see this fixed. Maybe filler could be added to images to scale them? Movie images appear fine on most other systems.

I wish this was fixed in the ON NOW Web interface!
The Pluto/docker implementation looks so much better...

I don't know what you mean, as the images are properly sized in the web UI. They are also properly scaled and centered in the Android client.

They look very bad in comparison to the Pluto/docker posters whether "properly sized" or not.

IIRC, Pluto uses differently sized images for all guide content than what Channels expects; TV shows to be 4:3 and movie posters 2:3. This is not necessarily a problem with Channels, but a mismatch between expected and actual artwork.

Sure, Channels could treat images in a content agnostic way, but that is completely irrelevant to the discussion at hand.

(I'm not sure if it is for all content, but I think Pluto is using 1:1 (square) images, not landscape or poster ratios.)

Too bad Channels "expects" a worse looking presentation.

You can supply it with a high-resolution image and I believe Channels will scale it appropriately. The only thing Channels is expecting is the aspect ratio, not a "better" or "worse" presentation (whatever that actually means).