“On Now” not showing posters

Not sure if I’m missing a setting or some functionality but in the Apple TV app when using “On Now” and selecting my movie channel groups I’m not seeing any posters. Is that supposed to work? If I click on a channel I do see the movie/show details though.

What do you see?

This is on IPhone app but I basically get the same on Apple TV

Source is IPTV XML file but I have guide info (provided by Channels, not my own).

This is what I see in the guide…

It’s a setting.

On your clients (iPhone and tv) go to
settings>manage sources>(click on the source not showing artwork)>advanced settings> switch channel logos only to the off position.

I had the same issue a while ago. It’s a buried setting and I thought it was a bug for the longest time but alas it was from me playing with things I didn’t understand 🫠

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That was it! Thanks for the help on figuring that out...I wasn't sure what that setting was originally for either lol.