On Now on Windows 10

OK, so please take some deep breaths, I'm brand new to this and I have some questions and thoughts...

"On Now" when I'm on my Windows 10 Chrome browser or MS Edge simply says "No favorite channels found. Add some first." And when I click Add Some, it only lists my TVE channels/content, nothing from my HDHR Prime. The "On Now" feature on my MiBox and Android phones works to show me choices OTHER than "favorites" for "On Now".

If I switch the source order in settings and make the HDHR Prime first, then I can choose to favorite those HD and SD choices, however I then lose the ability to see the TVE channels. This seems like a bug to me?

Furthermore, if and when I add 1 favorite to the list, the "On Now" no longer let's me add more, change, delete it simply shows the 1 favorite.

How do you show both sources?

On the Settings tab your sources are listed. Make sure each has guide data assigned underneath it. Then click the pencil icon underneath and mark favs/hidden there.

That's not the issue, you can't choose more than 1 in Windows. It only ever shows the primary tuners channels for the On Now feature. Unlike Android that actually shows what's "on now".

On Now shows all favorited channels regardless of source. But guide data must be setup correctly for it to work.

  1. On Now on Android let's you click a drop down to see what's On Now on all your channels.
  2. On Now on Windows only shows you your favorites, NOT all channels like Android.
  3. On Now on Windows only lets you choose favorites from whichever source is your primary.

I'm saying, 2, and 3 seem like bugs, 2, when compared to 1, and 3 in general because why not let you pick a channel from ANY source, not just the primary?

When you say "Windows" I think you mean the Channels DVR Server web admin available in your browser.

This is more of an admin tool and less of a Channels experience. Features won't match up 1:1 to our streaming apps, which is where all of the user experience work is prioritized.

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