On startup, spinning but no picture

Have channels Dvr running on shield with hdhomerun 4k tuner. Works good except upstairs android tv (tcl). When I start up the tv, it tries to go to NBC as the default and then just spins at the bottom of the screen. Reset, turn off tv and back on, try everything and same thing. If I change the channel to another it does that slowly then I can go back to nbc. Any idea what the heck is going on?

Edit: I tried in on second TCL Android tv (built in) and it does the same thing.

Does the official HDHR app work on the same TV?

You can try changing in the Channels app, Settings > Playback > Advanced > Video Driver

It does work on the native app. It plays on the Channels DVR app but you have to change channels in order to get it to work but ONLY on TCL Tvs with built in Android TV system. I have 2 TVs of this type and both exhibit this behavior. Apple TV, iPad and iPhone do not.

This is almost unwatchable now on android tv’s. It works fine on tv everywhere but changing channels in the antenna channels with hd homerun input is not working. It’s like pulling teeth to get out of the circle going round mode.

Did you try this??

Doesn’t exist on my tv.

Click on Video Decoder and select Software

This is what it does. Just sits with arrow spinning forever and buffer building.

Is that with Hardware or Software setting?

Click Settings > Support > Submit Diagnostics > Video Player after it shows the stuck spinner

HArdware is selected

I changed it to Software and it seems to be better. What exactly does that do? Thanks so much.

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