One channel not detecting commercials

One channel from DirectTV Stream is recording but has stopped detecting commercials. I get a "Error retrieving commercial details" when i go to edit commercials on the Web UI.
Channel is 5985 ABC.
Im running the latest pre-release 2021.12.28.2355
UPDATE EDIT: Actually I can see the edit points on the client , but I still get the error above when trying to edit

I think if the ads were detected using the new Beta method, you can't edit them.

Yes, they were detected with the new beta method. I can see on the client that the commercials markers are there, but on the Web UI I get the error when trying to edit the commercial points.

Are the markers wrong?

The markers appear to be fairly accurate, but can not be edited due to the error.

Actually the program just recorded did not properly detect the commercials and i'm still getting the "Error retrieving commercial details"
I sent diags

On the web UI, find that recording and select Detect Commercials

I did "redetect commercials" and now it allows me to edit

Fixed in next build.