OnePlus 7 Pro and Channels DVR app

Just recently when using ChannelsDVR app on my OnePlus 7 Pro, the picture is stretched out and it makes everything zoomed in. Is there anyway to get rid of this. Perhaps this is happening because of the dumb aspect ratio phones are being released nowadays.

There's a setting in the app "Stretch to Fit" that you can turn off

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I looked and that setting is already turned off.

Can you submit diagnostics from the app

Good morning. I just submitted some diagnostics. I sent the video player. Not sure if something else needs to be submitted

Because the aspect ratio on your phone is larger than 16:9 and it is stretching it to fill the screen. It is a setting on your phone to fill the screen. This is not a Channels problem.

The setting might be here or similar: Head to Settings > Apps > Full screen apps

Yeah I kinda figured that was the problem. I'm only just recently having this problem. I have used this phone almost a year now and it just started this. I shall look at the phone settings and see. Thanks for the help

No problem..... I have seen that with some apps you can change it while playing the video and use the 2 finger stretch or zoom on the phone change it. Like Youtube allows you to change it on the fly.

Unless something changed with Android 10.

I'm not sure why this is happening now. It's not the biggest deal in the world I suppose. At times the video plays normally and others the picture is stretched out. My LG G8 doesn't have this problem and it's aspect ratio is the same as my OnePlus 7 Pro. This makes me believe it's a OnePlus issue

Were you able to find an option to change it on a per app bases? My LG was that way but I don't think my Pixel 4XL has that option. I can't find it. I am using full gestures so I don't have buttons at the bottom of my screen.