Only Getting Some Channels

Anyone have any idea why I would be able to watch only some channels on my guide and not others? I can watch local channels without issue but none of the “cable” channels. It is not a DRM issue, I am talking all cable channels. I am a Verizon FIOS customer in NJ. Thanks for any insight.

I don't use a prime, but I would guess that if you know there is no DRM and can only get local channels, there is something not right with the way the cablecard is paired.

Check the web UI on the Prime, and make sure that the CableCARD is both authenticated and validated. You may be able to get more information from the Prime's logs (different from Channels' log).

The card is authenticated but not validated. How should I proceed? Thanks!

Need to contact Verizon support. They may need to re-pair the card. Or, you may need a new/different card.

The card was not validated. It is now but all I get is "transcoder starting" on the cable channels.

if The card is now validated, check to see if original streams now play. Use a client rather than the web interface to Channels, to ensure that it's not a problem with Channels and rather the tuner or stream.

Is the "transcoder starting" issue happening in both the HD HomeRun and Channels apps? I'll just take a stab in the dark and suggest rescanning all channels again in one or both systems as appropriate:

From the Channels setup web page, click the Prime's IP address to open the HD HomeRun web page. Click "Channel Lineup" and on that page click the "Detect channels" button.

Then back on the Channels setup web page, click the Prime's rescan button (the two arrows in a circle). If that still doesn't do the trick, delete the Prime as a source in Channels setup and add it to Channels again.

(In your other thread I was trying to confirm that you needed to go through the cable company's validation process in addition to the manufacturer's guided setup, but in at least one post I tagged the wrong person, sorry. At least you've got that sorted out now. You're almost there!)